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Alpine Slide

When in the area, head up to the mountain to hop on a sled, take off down the track, and cruise through twists, turns and tunnels on a exciting ride in a beautiful setting.

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  • Park City Mountain Resort's Alpine Slide is one of the longest in the world at 3,000 linear feet.
  • Visit "The Quicksilver" Alpine Slide at the Utah Olympic Park, made with steel in the fast European style.
  • Have a head-to-head competition on Snowbird's dual tracks.


Given all the mountains and "outdoorsy" people in the Park City area, it's no surprise that there might be a few fun summer activities happening on the mountain in the summer. So head up, grab your slide, then hold on for the ride down.

Park City Mountain Resort's Alpine Slide

This is one of the longest slides in the world, over 3,000 feet long on a luge-like track. Each of the four tracks have a different set of twists, turns and hills to choose from, so make sure to give them all a try!

  • Location: The ride starts at PayDay lift, which is located at the Legacy Lodge in the resort base. For questions, call 800-222-7275.
  • Hours: The slide is open on weekend afternoons throughout the summer, with extended hours (including weekdays) during the high season.
  • Cost: Single rides for people over 48" in height are $17. Children under 48" must ride with an adult for an additional $7. There is a Alpine Coaster/Alpine Slide Combo Pass for sale for $34, permitting one ride on each attraction.

"The Quicksilver" Alpine Slide

This is a European-style track, made out of steel instead of the concrete normally used. The steel construction allows for faster rides, as well as a curvier design than the heavier concrete tracks.

  • Location: Found in the Utah Olympic Park, the ride ends at the base of the K-64 ski jump. Call 435-658-4200 for more information.
  • Hours: Normal hours of operation are 10am-6pm, but they are subject to seasonal and weather restrictions.
  • Cost: Rides are $25 for those over 8 years old, and $5 additional for those with a 3- to 7-year-old lap rider. Buy a "Bounce Back" pass for a second ride at half price.

Alpine Slide at Snowbird

At 1,300 feet in length, there's no shortage of fun for kids and adults on this alpine slide. Heading down Chickadee Run, riders with or without experience will enjoy the side-by-side tracks.

  • Location: It all starts in the Snowbird Center, where the riders take the Chickadee lift up before heading right back down. Call 801-933-2147 for more information.
  • Hours: Normally open from 11am to 6pm, the slide is subject to weather conditions and other restrictions.
  • Cost: Adult Ride $14, Child Lap Rider (ages 2-6 must ride with an Adult) $8.