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Make sure to check the Park City weather report before stepping outside, because chances are good that the weather will be beautiful, but there are also days when it's not.

The Park City weather forecast is often the same, talking about the cool, dry air, and joking about how people in the valley must be overheating and the snow melting too quickly.

But, just like any mountain town, there is a certain unpredictability to Park City, Utah weather. Summer days can feel like winter, and fall thunderstorms drop rain when everyone wishes it were snow.


It's cold, yes, but dry and crisp. The snow is all around, covering the mountains in a beautiful white blanket. Temperatures stay in the tens and twenties, but this helps keep the snow in good condition. December and February receive more precipitation that any other months, so keep your fingers crossed for powder.


Spring is a short-lived experience, often running just six to eight weeks in May and June. The snow from the mountains melts, and out through the icy crust comes delicate mountain flowers. Temperatures generally run in the fifties and sixties, with a moderate possibility of rain or snow.


What a beautiful time to be in the mountains. Grasses and trees are high and full, the ground is dry and the days are long. Thunderstorms do start to show themselves in August, so come prepared, but temperatures stay in the low seventies, which makes perfect weather for being outdoors.


Fall is another short season, running from mid-September to mid-November. The changing leaves, however, make this season many people's favorite. Long mountain drives and hikes are appropriate, but bring a sweater and rain jacket for the fall shower. Temperatures quickly drop from the sixties to the forties by November.

Throughout the Year

Park City is located at 7,000 feet altitude, which affects the temperature considerably. Remember that for every 1,000 feet of elevation, there is a 3°F temperature change. So hiking a 3,000 ft. trail or taking the gondola could change the temperature 10°F, not to mention the effect of wind.

Always dress in layers, as Park City, UT weather is unpredictable. Sunny days can quickly turn ugly, and a cold wind can come from the mountains at any time, so be ready to remove and put on layers as needed throughout the day.

Sturdy walking shoes are highly recommended. Icy patches can remain well into summer, and uneven ground can make even the most stable person shaky.

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