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Weber River

As the underdog of the Wasatch Mountains, Weber River is a favorite spot for locals to escape the crowds of fly fishing tourists on the nearby rivers with greater name recognition.

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  • Often overlooked for more popular rivers, the Weber offers long stretches of quiet fishing.
  • The middle section of the Weber is under-fished blue ribbon river.
  • Cold water from the reservoir ensures excellent fishing conditions all year long.
  • The lower Weber is a quick option for locals out fishing before heading home.


The Weber River (pronounced "wee-burr") is often overlooked in favor of the more famous Provo and Green Rivers, but is certainly an equal match for the big-name fishing rivers. The numbers may be higher elsewhere, but Weber River fishing consistently delivers the large prizes.

If the Provo is a white-collar river, the Weber would be its underrated blue-collar partner, with nymph and spin-fishing both popular activities. Dry fly purists will find plenty of action as well, with long runs and riffles broken in smaller "micro-riffles" that change from season to season.

Wading and Floating

Wading is the most popular form of Weber River fly fishing. There are some access issues, but the Wildlife Division has worked with private landowners to ensure access is protected to the river.


Because of the tailwater coming out of the Rockport and Echo Reservoirs, fishing is consistent year-round on the lower and middle sections of the river. Though cold in winter, the fishing is good and the crowds are non-existent.


The Weber is known for brown trout and whitefish, with Utah's largest mountain whitefish on record (24 inches) being caught on the Weber. However, rainbows and cutthroats are also regularly caught.

Sections of the Weber River

Lower Weber
Found outside of Ogden, this section of the river receives quite a lot of fishing pressure, but the regulations and fisheries maintain and support healthy trout and whitefish populations.

Middle Weber
Featuring regular midge and mayfly hatches, this section of the river is between the Rockport and Echo Reservoir with year-round fishing. Locals love this blue ribbon section of the river for the lack of crowds around the I-80 bridge.

Upper Weber
Located upstream from the Rockport Reservoir, the Upper Weber features slower moving features than the faster moving lower sections. Pocket water and riffles receive very little attention from anglers, leaving a fisherman blissfully alone on the river.