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Bridal Veil Falls

One waterfall along Provo Canyon forces you to pause and hold your breath. Bridal Veil Falls, Utah, is a "double cataract" spectacle that is one of the Utah's secret gems.

  • Bring layers. It can be cool in the canyon even in the summer.
  • Hikers should pack plenty of water. You don't want to drink from the Falls.
  • The best views of Bridal Veil Falls, Utah, are from the upper parking lot.
  • Bring a camera and swimsuit.


Back in the 1990s, Bridal Veil Falls was quite the tourist attraction. People came from everywhere to ride above it on what was at one time the steepest tram in the world. The water drops 607 feet in two separate cascades, a 'Double-Cataract'.

A massive avalanche leveled the tram and its facilities in 1996. Then in 2008, the historic tram cables had to be cut for safety.


The falls are a seven-minute drive northeast of Provo on Hwy 189. You can view it from a highway pull-off or hike to its base.


The waterfall flows most impressively in the spring and early summer. Bust out your camera as the wildflowers are in full bloom around the area.

The falls turn to ice in the winter and some say this Stairway to Heaven is the steepest ice climbing in Utah. The best time for viewing or climbing is December-February.


It's a 15-minute hike up to the Falls. There's another path that leads to an abandoned restaurant near the top of the peak but it's closed to hikers as there are plenty of spots to get into trouble. You can also park at the Provo River Parkway trailhead off 800 North and walk 3.5 miles to the Falls.

Picnickers frequent the park's barbecue pits at the base of the Falls.

Bikers can ride along a paved trail that skirts the park.

Take a dip in the shallow pool at the base of the Falls.

Additional Info

New owners purchased the park and tram in 2010 and plan to resurrect the attraction by August 2012. Those who purchase a Clichades game and/or Starfire Adventure novel will get lifetime passes to ride the Tram once it's running because the profits from the sales are what will be used for the restoration. For more information call (801) 619-9901.