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Wolf Creek Highway

Experience a sense of solitude and awe as you view stunning mountains on your journey down Wolf Creek Highway, located in the Heber Valley just 30 minutes east of Park City. Read More

  • Wolf Creek Highway begins just 30 minutes east of Park City on UT Highway 35. 
  • The drive is 21 miles long and takes 1 hour to complete. 
  • Featured scenery includes views of Mt. Timpanogos, wildlife, open meadows full of wildflowers, and verdant forests. 
  • Wolf Creek Highway is closed during winter. 


Wolf Creek Highway (UT-35) cuts through the Heber Valley for 21 glorious miles of jutting, alpine landscapes. Beginning near the town of Woodland, UT, this paved highway takes approximately 1 hour to complete, ending near the town of Stockmore. Keep your camera handy for unimpeded views of the Uinta and Wasatch Ranges, including views of Mt. Timpanogos and long, lovely stretches of open meadows and forested hills dotted with intersecting creeks and small lakes. Enjoy primitive camping at Mill Hollow Campground and keep your eyes open for wildlife. But be sure to visit this byway from late spring through autumn as Wolf Creek Highway is closed during winter.

Driving Directions

You can reach UT- 35 (Wolf Creek Highway) from Park City by following UT-248 E to UT-32 S. Near the town of Woodland, turn left onto UT-35 E and begin your journey.


The drive from Park City to Woodland is approximately 20 miles and take about 30 minutes. The 21-mile paved stretch of Wolf Creek Highway takes approximately 1 hour to complete not including stops.


  • Enjoy views of the Uinta Mountains to the north and the Wasatch Mountains to the west.
  • See large aspen groves and lush pine forests.
  • Snap a photograph at one of many pull-outs including shots of Mt. Timpanogos from atop Duchesne Ridge.
  • Look for wildlife such as moose, elk, deer, eagles and bear near the Little West Fork of the Duchesne River.
  • See colorful wildflowers in the open meadows during summer.
  • Stay at one of three primitive campsites at Mill Hollow Campground.