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Mountain Driving

Highway travel around the Park City region is generally quick and easy. Major routes in the area include I-80, which runs from Salt Lake City to Park City; and U.S. 40/189, which connects Park City to Heber City and Provo. Getting from one place to another is not only quick and easy, but provides the driver and his or her passengers with fantastic scenery. Read More

Along the major highways, you will find roadside stops complete with rest rooms, fast-food restaurants, even small gift, and souvenir shops. The routes are clearly marked so that you can locate the scenic routes and the lookout points and view spots. You will have time to slow down and pull over so that you can fully appreciate the scenery. The mountainous scenery and view of the valleys below as you travel in and around the Park City area are unlike any other.

Other roads can be found off the main highways and range from well-paved, well-maintained multilane routes to those which are barely graveled and are more just backcountry trails. The latter should only be attempted by those who are driving the appropriate type of vehicle and who are more experienced with mountain driving.

In the mountain area, it is always important to keep an eye out for wildlife. In the rural mountains town, also expect gas prices to be higher. In addition, remember to travel prepared for anything. Be sure to have cold weather gear in your vehicle even in the summer, as the higher elevations are subject to quick weather changes. Also, make sure that you take with you water and some food.