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Historic Downtown District

Downtown Park City is not only a place bustling with shops, hotels and restaurants, but is also a place with significant history, so take some time to understand the town's silver-mining roots.

  • Take a guided walking tour of the downtown to see some buildings from the National Registrar of Historical Places.
  • Visit the Park City Museum, with an original stagecoach and exhibit of the historical Silver King Mine.
  • Over 100 restaurants and bars are waiting to compete for your business.
  • Regular art events bring in large crowds, such as the Sundance Film Festival.


The area that is now downtown Park City, Utah started in the late 1860's as a silver mining town. A great fire in 1898 destroyed nearly 200 buildings and houses, but the town rebuilt itself, and many of the Main Street buildings are from that era.

Today, the Park City downtown is full of shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and museums. The crowds are lively, walking the streets and enjoying the quaint mountain town atmosphere.

Location & Information

The historic district of Park City is located just west of the main highway passing through town, UT-224. From the roundabout where Deer Valley Drive meets the highway, head west on any of the streets to find downtown. 

Main St. is just two blocks off the highway, but park the car and walk. It's the best way to experience the area, appreciating the store fronts and architecture from the turn of the century.

For more information, contact the Chamber of Commerce at 800-453-1360.


History and Culture
There are museums and tours to learn more about the city's long and racy history. Visit the Park City Museum or take the guided walking tour past some of the 64 buildings on the National Registrar of Historical Places. 

Love it or hate it, shopping is part of the Park City experience. There are shops for everyone, including fashion-forward designers, custom furniture shops, adventure outfitters, bookstores and art galleries.

Over 100 bars and restaurants are located in the center of town, so there's a good excuse to be picky. Get what you want, because Park City has choices to satisfy a sophisticated palate or just get some grub on the run.

Art Events
Events like the Sundance Film Festival, the Artstravaganza, or the Kimball Arts Festival bring a unique crowd to the Park City downtown. Industry moguls, journalists and spectators alike come to the area to participate in these exciting events.

Fun Facts

The Park City, Utah downtown area is rumored to have more restaurants per capita than any other city in Utah, so be sure to try out as many as possible.