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Evanston Wyoming

If you're headed to or from Park City, Evanston, Wyoming (just on the boarder of Utah) is a good stopping point. Head on I-80 east toward Cheyenne and after about 55 miles take the Front Street/WY 150 east number 5 towards WY 89 north. In a little over an hour, you reach Evanston; an ideal example of a good old Wyoming town. Read More

Evanston's locals refer to it as either the "Queen City of the Mountains" or the "Queen City of the Rockies." Start your tour of the "Queen City" in historic Depot Square with a walk through the turn-of-the-century downtown.

Evanston has a rich local industrial past that grew out of the passing railroad, flourished with the discovery of a rich vein of coal and busted with de-industrialsation, all of which is evident in small city's sordid architecture.
A renewed interest in regional domestic oil exploration has brought more speculators and businessmen alike to Evanston.

If you are there to recreate, make sure to fish, hike, tube the river, observe the wildlife and maybe play a round of golf or two. Also check out Evanston's horse racetrack in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter.