Midway Utah Swiss Days Festival


Midway Utah Swiss Days

The Swiss Days festival invites visitors and locals to enjoy two days of music, crafts, a parade, and many other activities. Join us for two days of festivities nd entertainment for everyone. Read More

  • Occurs each Labor Day weekend
  • Two days of festivities and events
  • Held in Midway UT. A short drive from Park City

Overview: Swiss Days used to be known as Harvest Days and was an end of the summer celebration for the great harvest of the year. As many who lived in this high mountain area had Swiss ancestors, many of the Swiss wearable, eatable, and musical traditions were shared and enjoyed at this time of year. Over the years, the event has welcomed more and more visitors to take part in this eventful cultural celebration. ,

Where: Midway, Utah. Just a short drive from Park City, Utah

When: Typically held during Labor Day weekend. September 1st-2nd, 2017.

Cost: prices may vary depending on the activity.

Details: During the first day you can enjoy a full day's worth of traditional Swiss music including bells, yodelers, and alpine bands. The second day hosts a 10k run, a fun parade, a full BBQ dinner, and even more music. Find more details on the Midway Utah Swiss Days website.

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